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for SOHO, for SME, for SMI, for MNC          

System ReadyGST

for Seamless Integrated Financials          


for Low Cost Borderless Worldwide Reach          

Mobile WirelessGlobally

for Instant Business Connectivity          


for Customer Online Shopping + Ordering          


for Quality Business Decisions + Strategies          


for Mobile Wireless Point-Of-Sale Solutions          


for Realtime Internet GeoLocation Tracking          


for Customer Loyalty Programs          


for Customer Motivation + Participation          


    One System for Business          


    IMEUSbiz ASSETS+ addresses the assets management of the business with depreciation. Printing of asset tags, location and transfter management. Wireless tracking options.

  • CRM+

    IMEUSbiz CRM+ supports realtime sales team and customer relations management using cloud and Internet geoLocation technologies on mobile wireless computing devices.


    IMEUSbiz CUSTOMER PORTAL+ interfaces customers to organization with regards to account details, self-order, view quotations and announcements.


    IMEUSbiz DASHBOARD+ presents graphical information formats as charts and graphs in support of quality executive business and enterprise decision making processes.


    IMEUSbiz EMPLOYEE PORTAL+ to provide businesses with the option to create for each employee an online web based Portal for realtime connectivity and communication.

  • eSIGN+

    IMEUSbiz eSIGN+ for the digital signing of purchase orders, delivery orders and order confirmation on mobile devices; tablet PCs and mobile phones as part of digital documentation.


    IMEUSbiz FINANCIAL+ provides for the Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Purchase Orders, Invoicing and Statement generation.


    IMEUSbiz HELPDESK+ is online text HelpDesk support provided free-of-charge to Users of IMEUSbiz systems to include FAQ and User Guide video files inside.

  • HRM+

    IMEUSbiz HRM+ addresses the human resource management requirements with Payroll, Overtime, Attendance, Leave and Claims features. CPF, EPF, SOCSO ready.


    IMEUSbiz INVENTORY+ for comprehensive management of products and services. New and existing products. Multiple costing features to include Activity Based Costing.


    IMEUSbiz LOGISTICS+ for management of the organization supply chain that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and services.

  • POS+

    IMEUSbiz POS+ enjoys mobile wireless advantages to include connectivity with wireless receipt printers and online soft copy receipts as appropriate.


    IMEUSbiz PROCUREMENT+ provides a comprehensive process in purchasing and receiving of goods and services from suppliers;identifying, acquiring and managing.


    IMEUSbiz SETTINGS+ comprehensively provides for system setup of the entire system to include user access levels, user defined parameters and configurations.


    IMEUSbiz VENDOR+ connects enterprise online to vendors and suppliers automating realtime connectivity saving time, lowers cost and facilitates vendor support services.


    IMEUSbiz WAREHOUSING+ management features multi-storage location with flexible user defined descript and configuration.

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IMEUSbiz POS + TeleAccounting
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IMEUSbiz Business Cloud
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Cloud Empower Your Business with IMEUSbiz!
Subscription from US$200 monthly for IMEUSbiz PREMIUM; enjoy realtime Connected Business.
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How To Use IMEUSbiz

Getting Started

Step 1: ORDER IMEUSbiz
Step 3: PayPal pay Edition Annual Subscription fee online for PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE (POS free)
Step 4: Done

1. Computing Device : SMART TV, desktop, laptop, tablet pc, SMART phone, phone watch or SMART glass.
2. Internet Access : Wired and/or wireless broadband: GSM 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi.

How Much Will IMEUSbiz Services Cost?


IMEUSbiz POS+ @ FREE (unlimited name users)
IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ @ US$1200 per year up to 5 named user (Additional named user @ USD20 monthly)
IMEUSbiz ENTERPRISE+ @ US$2400 per year up to 5 named user (Additional named user @ USD40 monthly)

IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ and ENTERPRISE+ billed annually.

Online Support HelpDesk free-of-charge; optional Training + OnSite Support Fees as separate at USD1,000 per manday by authorized IMEUSbiz VAR partners.

Why Is IMEUSbiz Important To My Business?


IMEUSbiz Business Cloud helps businesses improve productivity, efficiency and productivity. Also it is general consensus that businesses adopt cloud delivered information systems or be disadvantaged unable to enjoy Internet delivered advantages.

Cloud Your Business with IMEUSbiz.

FAQ - free POS+


1. How long can I use the IMEUSbiz Free POS+?
You can use the IMEUSbiz Free POS+ (sponsored advertisement version) as long as it does not exceed 5 GB or 5 million transactions whichever is higher.

2. Can I use the IMEUSbiz Free POS+ without sponsored advertisement banners?
Yes, you can upgrade/signon IMEUSbiz POS+ (without advertisement version). See rates at ORDER (billed annually). For multi stores, please email contact: for details.

3. Will my data in IMEUSbiz Free POS+ be “transferred/migrated” if I upgrade to the IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+ Edition?
Yes, your data in IMEUSbiz Free POS+ will auto transfer to the upgraded IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+ Edition at no additional cost.

4. Will there be additional charges for data transferred/migrated to IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+ Edition ?
No, there will be no additional cost for data transferred / migration for upgraded IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+ Editions

5. Can I down load my data if I decided to stop using the IMEUSbiz Free POS+?
Yes, you can download your dataset to MS Excel format before you stop using the IMEUSbiz Free POS+.

6. How to generate GST-03 (Malaysian) form in IMEUSbiz Free POS+?
Upgrade to the IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+ Edition for the GST-03 feature.

7. Where can I get help when using IMEUSbiz?
When inside IMEUSbiz, go to Support HelpDesk icon at the Menu Bar top right.

8. What type of receipt printer would I use or what is recommend?
IMEUSbiz recommended thermal printer; wired (USB connected) / wireless (WiFi / Bluetooth connected) with 78 – 80 mm paper width.

9. What to do if there is no Internet connection?
If your main or primary Internet access fails, consider accessing using the hotspot feature found in most mobile phones.

10. What to do if access is still a problem with reconnected Internet and the page keeps loading?
Try to logout and clear the Internet browser and cache. Login again.

11. What to do if the receipt will not print?
Uncheck the “blocked” icon at top right of the browser screen. Check if wireless or wired cables are connected.

12. What to do if unable to login?
Ensure UserID and Password is correct. If forgot, recover password. Try to logout and clear the Internet browser and cache. Login again.

13. I don’t want to spend a fortune, how much does it cost to upgrade to IMEUSbiz PREMIUM+ or ENTERPRISE+?
You don’t need to spend a fortune. IMEUSbiz has two other Editions; PREMIUM+ and ENTERPRISE+ to choose from depending on your business requirements. IMEUSbiz PREMIUM Edition starts at USD$200 per month (upto 5 Users, US$2,400.00 billed annually) and IMEUSbiz ENTERPRISE+ Edition at US$400.00 / month (upto 5 users, US$4,800.00 billed annually). Option to add additional Users.

14. I’m a very busy person, how much time does it take to set up an IMEUSbiz system?
System Set-up depends on the Editions and the number of Modules used. Some merchants complete the process within a couple of hours, but if you have thousands of SKUs and no free time, available are Legacy Data Migration Services. For more information, email or HelpDesk contact us:
 - Helpdesk Video Guide.
 - OnPremise/Online Services
    o Training
    o System Setup
    o Data Migration

15. Is IMEUSbiz POS+ compatible with my existing hardware?
You can reuse your existing Desktop, Laptop, mobile devices (browsers with Internet access), printers and scanners.

16. I want to use IMEUSbiz POS+ on mobile devices eg iPad/SMART phone ?
Not a problem. Ensure your mobile device is WiFi / internet connected. IMEUSbiz is zero footprint by design (no need to download APP or program). Just access using an Internet browser, UserID and Password. Select POS – Mobile Mode at SETTINGS, the IMEUSbiz POS+ screens auto fit the mobile devices screens.

17.I’m not a techie person, will I have a hard time migrating my products and customers to IMEUSbiz POS+?
It shouldn’t be that difficult as IMEUSbiz POS+ lets you add your products one-by-one or use the import function if you want to add products in bulk.

18. I’m already comfortable with my current POS system, is IMEUSbiz POS really a better option?
IMEUSbiz free POS+ is free-of-charge (sponsored advertisement version) is expected to meet the Point-Of-Sale requirements of most retail outlets (with group/franchise when upgraded to IMEUSbiz ENTERPRISE+ Edition). Even if you already have a POS, you may consider trying out the full featured IMEUSbiz free POS+. By the way, IMEUSbiz free POS+ is fully text HelpDesk supported at no additional charge (only OnPremise and other services comes with a fee).

19. I have thousands of existing printed barcodes from my existing POS system , can I use these with IMEUSbiz free POS+ Edition?
Yes. Existing barcodes can be scanned into the SKU field in the product page and no need to generate new ones from scratch.

20. I have more than one store, will IMEUSbiz free POS+ Edition work for me?
Yes. IMEUSbiz is ideal as it a fully cloud web-based system, managing & monitoring multiple stores & locations, inventory, pricing and customer information is very easy. For multiple store management, the IMEUSbiz free POS+ Edition can be upgraded to the IMEUSbiz ENTERPRISE+ Edition for the group/franchise feature.

21. Is my data safe in the cloud?
IMEUSbiz data are encrypted for security & backed-up at multiple Server locations & update realtime.

22. I like to sign up IMEUSbiz free POS+, but don’t know where to start, what should I do next?
Login in to Select the FREE POS+ Edition & proceed from there. For help, use the CONTACT form to communicate with us.

23. What does it mean that IMESUbiz is cloud-based?
This means that our service is run with a shared, internet-based architecture which allows you to safely access your data anytime and anywhere using Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. You have no servers to maintain in your store and no technical maintenance to perform.

24. What kind of hardware do I need to use IMEUSbiz?
Any computing devices; desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and watch with Internet access running Android, Apple and Windows can be used with IMEUSbiz free POS+, PREMIUM+ and ENTERPRISE+.

Data Privacy

IMEUSbiz is supplied as HIPAA compliant Amazon Web Services infrastructure. PDPA compliant.

Can My IMEUSbiz Be Used From Another Country?


Yes, unless you are in a country with state and/or national laws governing or forbiding cross-border information exchanges, IMEUSbiz is by design a global platform that facilities anytime anywhere worldwide business information access and management; with realtime access to information.

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